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What We Do.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

It's simple, we give as we grow. With a belief that we each have the ability to do what matters and positively change lives, we are on a mission to do just that. It starts with gratitude, where we are right now. We serve others in a way that adds value to countless lives. We are committed to sharing knowledge to help you build a better life today and for generations to come.

Our focus is rooted in the ideal that everyone has a greater chance to win big and prosper when provided with the essential education to aid in overcoming the challenges we face; particularly when it comes to our finances. One Eleven Financial Group and its trusted associates and partners are on a mission to build a community of passionate educators and learners, those who think big and dream bigger. Driven by passion and purpose we welcome you to join us in building wealth, creating abundance, sustainability, and leaving an impactful legacy. 



Financial Education

Improve your lifestyle and increase success with greater financial literacy. Learn to make better decisions regarding earning, managing, and investing your money. 


Insurance Products & Services

Adequately plan and prepare for your retirement and the unexpected. Receive professional guidance to help protect your income, assets, family, and business. 

Serving individuals, families, and businesses throughout the United States!


Tools & Resources

Access some of the best free tools and resources to implement what you learn and improve your financial health. From simple guides to budgeting and bill tracking to investing and retirement planning. 


Online Courses

Our online courses help you take your learnings to greater heights. Easy to follow, they're designed to ensure you not just learn but master the material and begin improving your money mindset  immediately.

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Our Core Values


We are driven by a passion greater than ourselves with a commitment to leave an inheritance of hopewealth, and prosperity for our children's children, children...


It is a vitally important ethical virtue to preserve and enhance the welfare of those we love - to act with genuine concern and care to their needshopes and dreams.


Growth is essential to realizing a brighter future. We must first elevate ourselves, create a solid foundation for our families, and strengthen our communities.

Our Core Beliefs

Accessibility. Financial education is essential to becoming thriving adults with a solid foundation. We strive to increase ease of accessibility for financial education, tools and resources to help you and your families make more informed decisions from a position of financial strength.

Integrity. Our moral and ethical convictions compel us to do what is right and just. As fiduciaries we always put our client's first. We forge relationships that are built on trust and thrive on openness and honesty.


Duty. We believe each of us has a duty to not just do our fair share but to create opportunities to uplift others.  We have a higher calling with the power to effect change in the lives of those we touch. Our goal is to expand our reach in serving others in a way which positively impacts lives indefinitely and infinitely.

Economic Advancement. Through financial literacy we are able to build greater awareness, shift paradigms and enable more individuals and small businesses to advance economically - what we believe to be a win-win for society.

Woodson Legacy Partners, Credit Repair, Insurance and Financial Services
Woodson Legacy Partners, Credit Repair, Insurance and Financial Services

Team Work, Community

Woodson Legacy Partners, Credit Repair, Insurance and Financial Services
Woodson Legacy Partners, Credit Repair, Insurance and Financial Services

Team Work, Community


Financial Education, Financial Literacy

Financial Education, Financial Literacy


Our commitment to education

Financial literacy is fundamental. We are committed to providing financial education as a foundation to empower individuals and families to become self-sufficient, take control of your financial future and be accountable for your personal and professional growth. Understanding how money works, creating and achieving financial goals is essential to a greater level of mental, emotional, and economic well-being.

We work diligently on your behalf by continuing our education and research, staying abreast of economic disparities and changes that impact the lives of women including those in disadvantaged minority groups. We want to equip each of you with a comprehensive platform to help raise your level of awareness, empowering you to be prepared for adequate daily living, family life, retirement, success and achievement in your personal and professional lives. 

Promoting the advancement of women

One Eleven Financial Group is committed to the financial well-being of women at home, in the work place, in leadership, and in business. We partner with women from all walks of life to provide ease of access to financial education, tools, resources, products and services to help you realize your dreams and create a limitless future for your family.

Together we can change the world! "In 2019, American women started an average of 1,817 new businesses per day between 2018 and 2019. These businesses represent 42% of all American businesses—nearly 13 million—employing 9.4 million workers and generating revenues of $1.9 trillion. The number of women-owned businesses increased 21%, while all businesses increased only 9%."

- American Express, The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2019

Women Supporting Women, Women in Business

Women Supporting Women, Women in Business



“Lovisa was outstanding! She provided me with exceptional customer service that made the process of purchasing life insurance go smoothly. I appreciated her dedication and commitment.”

Suzette Quiles

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