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Women & Money

Unique needs require a unique approach.

Michelle Singletary guides us on a journey with  The 21-Day Financial Fast. Finance mogul Suze Orman gives advise specifically for Women & MoneyEllevest was built for women, by women proclaiming, the financial industry wasn't!


It's clear that women have unique financial needs requiring special attention with a focused approached. 

I've created a special hub exclusively for women to help you take control putting the power in your hands to build wealth. You'll also find additional coaching guides and other resources when you subscribe to my email list at woodsonlegacy.com and on my blog, GRIT + Sparkle. Continue reading below for learn more about our services, tools and resources exclusively for you.

A Community

That Understands

As a woman in business myself, I understand first hand the unique challenges we face. ​Many of us wear a multitude of hats making it difficult to prioritize ourselves and too often that includes planning for our financial future.


After caring for children, husband's and parents many women are at risk of outliving their retirement and falling into poverty.

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Choose peace of mind over financial uncertainty!


Take Control

Gain certainty about the direction and outcome of your financial future. Implement a personalized strategy that's simple, convenient, and puts you on the path to achieve your financial goals.


Feel Confident

Feel confident and at ease knowing you're on track with your small business finances. Be proud of yourself for taking control and are doing the work to continue heading in the right direction. You're never alone on your financial journey with our community of women!


Grow & Prosper

Work with greater focus and intention as you grow your business and improve your finances using our proven tools and resources. Move through your day with greater clarity and productivity while learning new habits to stay the course long term.


Build A Legacy

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you've created the option to retire for yourself. Relax and take joy in the certainty that your loved ones will be well provided with a legacy you've built just for them.

Ready to find out more?

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